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It’s Not an Accessory, it’s a Necessity.

Are you in the food service industry and currently using a flat top griddle? Grill Advantage will forever change the way you’ve been cooking on your griddle.

Explore Grill Advantage

Imagine taking your existing grill and completely transforming it into a money making machine. 

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How it Works

Universally Fits Your Existing Grill

24”, 36”, 48”, 60” and 72” That’s right, regardless of the size. Any make, any model griddle. Your grill size will determine which Backsplash Extender you need to get started. 

Select Which Accessories You Need

This is where it gets exciting. Choose The Grill Advantage 1/6th pan or 1/3 Pan Holder Accessories 20” wide Shelf Accessory and Sidebar will transform your grill.

You are Now Cooking in the Future

You are now cooking in the future. Maximize your grill’s cooking surface to cook more food. Now you can have efficiencies beyond your wildest dreams with these accessories.

Our Products

About Us

The kitchen This is where we grew up. Twelve hour shifts are considered half days and that amazing feeling of controlled chaos. It’s where we anticipate the weekend and the grills are turned up, the stations are all stocked, a full staff on hand, waiting for the rush..Focused and ready to go for what the night brings.

The rush..This is what we all live for in kitchen life. How can we get ready? What can we prep in our stations to be organized and prepared for when the rush comes.

Minimizing steps and maximizing efficiencies, that’s Grill Advantage.  

What Customers are Saying

I have been running a Johnny Rockets for the past 16 years. I see all the grease and food debris that gets built up behind the backsplash of the grill. Finally, George and his team at Grill Advantage have come up with a design to prevent food and grease from building up behind the grill that potentially lead to grease fires. The Grill Advantage has created more grill space by attaching shelf and pan holders that keep side items off the grill but still accessible. This design keeps the back wall clean and can be easily removed for cleaning. My cooks just went through a busy holiday season with the use of the backsplash extender and shelf accessories and it made life on the grill easier with the use of this equipment.  


 Craig Beauregard: Owner, Johnny Rockets Braintree, MA 

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