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Craig Beauregard: Owner,
Johnny Rockets Braintree, MA

     "I have been running a Johnny Rockets for the past 16 years. I see all the grease and food debris that gets built up behind the backsplash of the grill. Finally, George and his team at Grill Advantage have come up with a design to prevent food and grease from building up behind the grill potentially leading to grease fires. The Grill Advantage has created more grill space by attaching shelf and pan holders that keep side items off the grill but are still accessible. This design keeps the back wall clean and can be easily removed for cleaning. My cooks just went through a busy holiday season with the use of the backsplash extender and shelf accessories, making life on the grill easier with this equipment." 


Miguel A. Rivera: Executive Chief Steward, Food and Beverage Foxwoods Resort Casino

     "For the last 20 years we’ve had the opportunity to test and research many products that hit the market and promised the end users great results, many of them are either too complex or are not well designed to meet the special conditions of a commercial kitchen. Several years ago, I came across a product called Grill Advantage and met the Hatjopoulos family, immediately and with minimal effort we understood each other’s needs and I’ve been a user of Grill Advantage ever since, not only for the safety and peace of mind that this product provided to us, but also it changes the look of the station, keeps it organized, reduces cleaning labor and its simple to install and maintain." 


Marc McMahan: Denny's Franchisee since 1961

     "I would love to congratulate both of you on a very practical product. I will say that the Grill Advantage products have easily paid for themselves just in saving the labor with less cleaning. Cooks are our most expensive employee. Under the grills way back is the hardest way to clean (probably in the whole building), and your backsplash extensions have also been great for morale. Those hard-to-reach places aren't so hard to reach for roaches, so we have less pest issues. Thank you so much! Off the top of my head, I can't think of a more practical invention since the microwave oven!" 

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