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About Us

Brothers/Business Partners/Best Friends

We are second-generation restaurant owners and have learned quite a bit about commercial kitchens and the restaurant business.

Once, while working a busy lunch rush, a dangerous fire broke out in our griddle flue. We extinguished the flames before they got out of control by quickly pouring cups of salt into the flue area. After the fire was out, the staff took turns painstakingly cleaning up the mess. This was the last griddle fire we ever had!

As restaurant owners, we know how devastating a fire can be. That is what inspired us to engineer a commercial grill accessory that would prevent flue fires. The need to eliminate the source of dangerous restaurant fires lead us to the development of Grill Advantage®.

We understand how important your business is to you, and we know our products can prevent restaurant fires and “Safeguard Your Line”.


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“Sure we could of put two separate photos of us and some long boring story behind who we are, what we do and what makes us so special...but I think this photo says it all.”


Director of Business Development


Director of Sales

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